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A forum for Maryland's school discipline hearing officials to share resources and exchange knowledge about best practices.

REPRESENTATIVES FROM ACROSS THE STATErepresent the association and make decisions to best serve those in positions as school discipline hearing officials in the state of Maryland.

What we provide

  • timelines for hearings following suspension
  • wide range of hearing procedures across school systems
  • reportable offenses
  • students transferring from DJS placements
  • reciprocity between school systems
  • impairment assessments as evidence
  • appeal procedures
  • documenting conferences with audio/video
  • school surveillance video as evidence
  • interventions for schools meeting "persistently dangerous school" criteria.

What is MASDHO?

The Maryland Association of School Discipline Hearing Officials is an association of professionals who hold a variety of certifications through the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE).

The Maryland Association of School Discipline Hearing Officials (MASDHO) works in conjunction with the Maryland State Department of Education to promote consistent, just, and lawful school disciplinary hearings for all students in Maryland through professional development, certification standards, and networking.

  • Participate in training with regional and national experts
  • provide opportunities for hearing official certification
  • communicate between offices
  • recognize and acknowledge exceptional work
  • exchange knowledge about best practices
  • review case law, current legislative trends, and MSDE policies and procedures
  • examine emerging disciplinary trends
  • provide professional development to school-based administrators
  • advocate for sound disciplinary practices